The story of Crystal Events starts like a Hollywood blockbuster: three friends in a small community trying to take over the local event industry. They use their passion for events as an armor, their dreams and visions as a weapon of mass construction and love for true quality music as the ultimate strategic move. Now, 2 years after the start of this epic story, they are leaders in the local industry. Due to a whole series of inventive, modern and successful events, they achieved this position, with respect and support for the local community, crowds and deejays.


The creation of Vice Festival was the real breakthrough. This year it will be held for the 3th time, and is expected to tend to several hundreds of techouse and techno-loving ears. The 2 previous editions were massive, with thousands of local people enjoying each other, the music and the vibes created by Crystal Events.


Quite an achievement wouldn’t you say? Hold the awards, because there was more:


- Project Vice was an indoor event and collaboration with a local youth movement, creating a lot of younger fans.

- A more intimate approach, inspired by the famous boiler room parties is Bar Deep. The focus is the interaction between the crowd and the deejay. So they placed the latter at the center of the dancefloor: a connection made to last forever.

- Inventive as they are, they didn’t stop at the river banks. They went further and took a radical approach, twice! A boat, spring weather and a lot of good vibes, deejays and enthusiastic people were the recipe of a viral buzz. It is said people are already losing their sleep for the next edition in 2017…

- Finally, the only good kind of radicalism: love for the people and music making an everlasting impression. A street party was held and the netto profit was donated to a local good cause.


Along the way a lot of passionate followers were created, international and local deejays were given a stage to perform, including residents such as Deuxfwa, Soulcity and Shredding Sounds.


Crystal Events will aim for the stars in the next couple of years, creating their own metaphorical ‘Walk of fame’ and try to establish an even more intense connection as a non-profit organization for event-loving audiences.